Dr.Sci.Edin Kolgeci - Kosovo - Acıbadem Healthcare Services (AL)

Dr.Sci.Edin Kolgeci – Kosovo

Dear mrs.Bengu,

I am writing to express my sincerest gratitude and appreciation for the members of your staff who cared for us during our recent stay at your institution-Acibadem Hospital-Maslak.

I had no doubt about your profesionalism and quality services but I experienced and I was surprised for good with your organization, management and hospitality.

I want to thank you for care that you have offered us from the moment of our arrival until our departure.You have carried and showed a great proffesionalism and quality of work.

They were all so caring, kind, compassionate, friendly and courteous to us.You and your staff was amazing and we could not have asked for better. We are truly grateful.
I can not remember all the names but I would like to thank mrs.Ayfer, PETSCAN staff, proffesor Enis (which is great doctor and person) and all of you.

I have thanked Mrs. Ayfer personaly and I must mention that ACIBADEM GROUP should be proud of having in their team a person like her and person like you are.
You have to be sure that Acibadem Hospital from now on has a good friend in Kosovo and if any time you and your staff need any help or advice do not hesitate to contact me.

I hope we will meet again for good and thank you for all.

Dr.Sci.Edin Kolgeci mr.sci